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in groups and one-to-one

Study 1-to-1 with your tutor or in a small group – the same tutor, the proven benefits of peer support, and you save up to 70%.

Split the costs, share learning

Small group tuition can be just as effective as one-to-one private tuition, studies show. Studying together is more fun, and it’s more affordable because you can share the cost. The same tutor, the benefits of peer support, at a fraction of the price!

EduRouter is the first tutor sharing website of its kind that makes online group tuition easy. Request group tuition and EduRouter will help you find students to join your class.

If you are looking for one-to-one online tuition, our experienced tutors are on hand to help you achieve your learning targets.

Why study with us?

Online Group tuition

You can share your online tutor on any of our courses or bespoke tuition delivered in the online classroom. Book group tuition with the tutor of your choice or join the group in making. You can sign up for group tuition alerts to be notified of new groups you can join.

Need a quick response?

Don’t have the time to search for a tutor? With EduRouter you can detail your tuition requirements easily and an enquiry will be sent to all our relevant online tutors. Their responses will come straight to you. Just choose the right one for you and make the booking. You can even ask for group tuition.

A wide range of subjects

Find the right subject at the right level: primary, secondary, GCSE, A-level, IB, Entrance Examinations, degree level, professional development and even job interviews. If you can’t see what you want, just contact us!

The Right Tutor

We all have different reasons for hiring a tutor: exam preparation, help with a specific topic, learning a new subject, improving study skills and so on. But we all want the same thing – to find just the right tutor. All our tutors have the experience, qualifications and skills to teach to a very high standard. Find the right tutor with EduRouter.

Access made easy

EduRouter’s intuitive interface gives you quick access to your tuition schedule, course materials, reports, and your interactive classroom. Students, parents and organisations all have their own customised access, information and feedback.

Need a tutor just for you?

Looking for a more personal approach and undivided attention? Choose a tutor, set your own agenda and start learning.

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