Looking for online tuition for groups and one-to-one?

EduRouter is a platform for interactive online tuition and courses in a variety of subjects for primary and secondary education, degree level subjects and professional development programmes.

Whether your aim is to broaden and supplement your education or enhance your professional training you can find a solution on EduRouter.


Why study with us?

School and University Students

Exams support, booster courses, preparation for Olympiads, learning new subjects outside the curriculum, full-length programmes leading to examinations, taster courses… Are we missing anything? Let us know and we will fill the gap!


Professional Development and Training

From Risk Management Architecture to Gardening. Have you ever wanted to learn more about anything but have been putting it on hold? Request a course and you will finally make time to learn. Self-paced courses don’t work that well. We know we have tried. Our live tutor-led courses offer an engaging way to learn. You are more committed and motivated to complete your course.


Peer learning

Studying in small groups helps students learn more effectively. Our platform allows students to study in a collaborative and interactive way.


Affordable Costs

Group courses bring savings as you split the cost of the course with other students. Find a course, select a price band that suits you. When enough students join to start the course, the course will begin. Tip: Share the course details with your network to speed up the enrolment.

Tuition enquiries

If you have not found the learning programme to suit your requirements, you can submit an online tuition enquiry by either

A wide range of subjects

Frequently asked questions

What are your services?

We offer two main services for online education: 1. Private tution. This can be one-to-one online tuition or small group tuition. 2. Courses. Specialist courses designed by our tutors and delivered in the online classroom.

How course and group tuition costs are calculated

Price depends on the number of students enrolled. The bigger the group the larger the saving. EduRouter aims to provide courses at lowest possible price to a student. Select the highest price you are prepared to pay – all lower price bands are considered acceptable and marked automatically. The course will be confirmed as soon as enough students to meet the cost of the course join. If there is a choice – our site will start the course at the lowest possible price (largest group).

When do you collect payment for group courses?

When enough students required to start the course joins, the course is confirmed and payments are processed. Before the actual start date, additional students are allowed to enrol thus bringing the cost of the course down further. If this happens, refunds for the earlier payments processed will be issued within two weeks of the start of the course.

How many students can participate in a group tuition?

The maximum number of students in each group is six. This small group tuition approach ensures individual progress and attainment.

Confirming tuition and course start dates.

Start dates for group courses and tuition will be confirmed when the minimum number of students have enrolled. Share the details of the course via social networks. Invite your friends to help you spread the word.

What is your cancellation policy for group tuition and courses?

Before the course is confirmed, you can request to cancel your place on the course. This will incur admin fee of 10% of the full cost of the course. Once the course is confirmed, i.e. the minimum required number of students have registered for the course, we cannot process cancellations.